Friction welding machine for PU PP PU PE PA belt

Short Description:

High frequency connector. A new portable ultra-high frequency fast belt connection tool developed for Kaisun.

Compared with traditional electric soldering iron tools, this product is portable and easy to operate. There is no need to wait for a long time for the equipment to warm up, and the belt connection operation can be completed in a few seconds.

And when the connection is made, the belt docking part is completely automatically and accurately controlled to control the level of the interface. There is no need to worry about the temperature change of the joint part during connection, which will affect the strength of the belt joint.

Product Detail

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Product Detail

There is no need to worry about the high temperature contact injury or fire risk caused by traditional products.
This product is small in size and can be used in areas with narrow or complex operating spaces.
In addition, different clamping chucks will be included, which are suitable for polyurethane round belts from 8 mm to 18 mm. V-belt Z,A,B,C type.
This portable high-frequency connector solves the problems of complicated operation, long waiting time and great potential safety hazards of traditional electric soldering irons. It greatly improves the efficiency and time of various operations such as plant equipment maintenance, repair and installation.

Introduction To Performance Characteristics

1.Portable, easy to operate;
2.Do not need to wait for a long time to warm up the equipment, a few seconds to complete the connection operation
3.Automatic and precise control of the belt butt joint
4.No need to worry about the temperature change at the junction par
5.No need to worry about the risk of exposure to high temperature or fire risk
6.The product is small in size and can be used to narrow or partially operate complex areas of space
7.Different clamps, suitable for PU round belt phi 6mm~ Phi 20mm, polyurethane belt, Y type 6x4~C type 22x14
APPLICATION SCOPE: High frequency connector after FM and fixture can be connected with round belt (smooth and rough triangular series can be) management. Can be connected with different materials such as PE PP PA PU acrylic.
CURRENT CLAMP HEAD: Circle with triangle belt (ABC) three series. According to the different needs of customers to choose or customize other types of fixture head.
PRINCIPLE: The lowest melting point required to produce the tape by high frequency vibration, so as not to damage the physical properties of the tape, and to connect it to the normal product. The tensile strength of the joint can be achieved by the professional test, which can reach the maximum value of the product


1. 2-3MMHIGH efficiency, every 3-5 seconds a joint error in 2-3MM
2. Reduce labor costs and product losses
3. The strength of the joint is good (as normal)

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