Manufacture PU roller for Printing machines and Packaging machines

Short Description:

PU Roller is cast products. compared with common encapsulates(mainly refer rubber), it has high mechanical strength(natural rubber 2-3 times), good wear resistance(natural rubber 5-10 times), protruding resistance to compression, wide hardness range, still has elasticity at the high hardness(other rubbers don’t have such feactures), high surface glossiness, excellent mechanical processing performance, its metal adhesion is better than common ones and it is more suitable in certain line speed and high pressure environment.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical Parameter

Paper roller Textile printing  roller Printing roller Other  roller
Name Hardness(shore A) Name Hardness(shore A) Name Hardness(shore A) Name Hardness(shore A)
Pressing roller 80-90 Textile printing roller 92-97 Ink roller Tanning  roller 50-60
Wringing roller 75-85 Mercerizing roll 85 High speed platform ink roller 20-25 Cold roll 85-95
Dryercarrier roller 85-95 Mercerizing roll 80-85 Common platform ink roller 25-30 Squeezing roller 60-65
Copper netroll 35-80 washing roll 80-85 Offset printing machine ink roller 20-25 Stencil printing  roller 20-30
Divisionblanketroller 95-100 Suppress washing machine top roll 100 Common printing ink roller 30-35 Typewriter  roller 85-90
Table roller 95-100 Suppress washing machine  lower roll 80 40-45 Wire  roll 85-90

Use Notice

(1).Avoid meeting acetic ether, acetone, butanone solvents, strong acid and strong base.
(2).When install nip roller, should verify to parallel location, among nip roller, pressure between surface of nip roller and type area must be even.
(3).When store nip roller, must use specified nip roller rack to ensure the surface of nip roller not be pressed and not to be in contact with any other things long time.
(4).After closing down everyday, must clean dog hair on the surface and ink with leaner.

Pu Extruded Product

According to the industry and field of use, we design the products to meet customers’ quality, technical requirements, product diversification and steady excellent performance.

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